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Life Coaching Course Online

life coaching course online

Congratulations for finding Life Coaching Course Online….

I guess the reason you have landed on this page is because you are interested in becoming a professional life coach, is that true? If so you are very welcome indeed.

Let me introduce myself…..

My credentials:

life coaching course online

I am Liz Rojek CEO of the Life Coaching School and an Accredited Life Coach with the IPHM. (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine), I am also an Accredited Reiki Master/Teacher with the INHA (International Natural Healers Association) and a Transformation Meditation Teacher, Fully insured in all areas.

Me, personally:

I am an ordinary person with my faults (snoring) and weaknesses (chocolate) that has her good days and bad days, you know what I mean.

My aim in this life is to help people help themselves and achieve whatever they wish in life as I believe that anything and everything is possible. I believe that everyone has potential to achieve whatever they set their heart/mind and soul too…. enough about me, you get the gist anyway.

Lets move on…..

Course Materials

The materials included in this life coaching course have been created by the lead training organisation in the UK, The Life Coaching Academy so you can be assured of receiving a high quality course.

Is this what you have always wanted to do but never thought it would ever be possible to become a professional life coach yourself?

Well let me tell you this, anyone can become a life coach all you need is the desire to help others and as a bonus you’ll be able to learn and develop some new and powerful life skills and apply them in your everyday life, so it’s a two way street and everyone’s a winner.

What are the niche areas a life coach can work?

  • Relationship Coach
  • Divorce Coach
  • Weight Loss Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Health Coach
  • Parenting Coach
  • Retirement Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Spiritual Coach
  • Law of Attraction Coach
  • Small Business Coach
  • Corporate Coach

These are only a few areas of expertise…..

You may specialise in a subject yourself  and have good ‘people’ skills and would like to apply this as your niche area and if this is where your passion lies you can create a new life for yourself that offers a boundless and fulfilling future.

Is becoming a professional life coach only for the rich?

Some life coaching schools offer a payment plan so you can spread the payments over a period of time to allow you to get started and study a few modules at a time. I do this too!

So how do I become a professional life coach?

  • To become a professional life coach, firstly, having a positive attitude and total belief in yourself and that anything is possible
  • Have a passion to help others succeed
  • Enjoy bringing out the best in others
  • Making some quiet studying time at home, in your study even in your bed
  • Studying at your own pace in your own time
  • Keeping a life coaching journal
  • Study the suggested reading materials
  • Enjoy studying and learning new things
  • You can afford the life coaching course fee
  • Believe that you are already a professional life coach

If you agree with all of the above then you are half way there.

How difficult is it to become a professional life coach?

You don’t need any prior training, skills or experience just the enthusiasm and commitment to succeed and if you can understand English and have a passion for something then it all becomes very easy as you will soak up all the information like a sponge because of your interest in the subject.

What difference can I make in the world?

  • You can help people to realize their dreams
  • Motivate people to change
  • Help them face their fears and overcome obstacles that stand in their way of achieving their goals
  • Get them to tap into their potential/passion/knowledge/experience and follow their heart
  • Help them break old thinking patterns that keep them stuck and from achieving their goals
  • Assist them in bypassing limiting beliefs and install new empowering beliefs that align with their goals and values
  • Show them that they have more than one or two options/choices
  • Challenge their Demons (Inner Talk) to help them move forward at a steady pace and keep them on track with their goal
  • Give them back their power and own it
  • Help them find their long lost enthusiasm for life
  • Support them in creating a fulfilling and compelling future they never ever thought possible
  • Help them search for their own answers in their well of knowledge and experiences

What could be more rewarding than watching someone transform from a place of powerlessness to totally powerful and in charge of their life’s situation and happy being there?

So how long will it take to become a professional life coach?

It all depends on your intention and commitment to study it may take you 3 months to a year to complete the course it’s up to you and your determination.

Will I receive support during the course?

You will have your own personal tutor to assist you in your studies who you can contact through email for a full year.

Will I gain a certificate of achievement to say I have become a professional life coach?

Life coaching certificate template

Yes, you will receive a certificate of achievement from the Life Coaching School including your full name and date of achievement.

If you really want to make a difference to someone’s life and your own, and if this is resonating with you, you may just have landed on the right page?

If this isn’t the case, I wish you every success in your search.

As I am an Accredited Life Coach registered with the IPHM and fully insured you can be confident that you are receiving excellent materials designed to supercharge your career as a life coach. Just sign up below and you can get started today.

To your success

life coaching course online

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