New Life is an aftercare program

New Life is an aftercare program

New Life is an aftercare program to support maintenance and foster a sustainable lifestyle for individuals already in recovery. Our program is best suited to individuals who have completed previous inpatient or outpatient treatment, have achieved a sustained period of abstinence, and who are motivated to maintain treatment goals and make lifestyle changes that support their well-being and recovery.

We employ mindfulness skills based on the principles of self-compassion and acceptance of all experiences including cravings and urges. Through mindfulness and other modalities we are working towards freedom from deeply ingrained and habitual patterns of addictive thought and behaviors.

We offer weekly support groups in which we discuss many aspects of addiction itself, as well as introduce a number of approaches to recovery. In addition to exploring mindfulness and clarifying its role in the recovery process, we explore ways of dealing with the many pitfalls which can present themselves on the journey of recovering the fullness of ourselves. To this end we draw on many sources, using tools from traditional recovery modalities, Buddhist perspectives, and science-based models.

Additionally, there are opportunities to share our experiences, struggles, and insights with others in recovery in both peer-led and facilitated groups. For those interested in a 12-Step approach to recovery, two Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held in Chiang Rai city centre every week. Transport is organised for those who wish to attend.

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