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Our program features four weekly self-development workshops based on a wide variety of therapies. The goal of these workshops is always to gain a deeper understanding of our emotions, our thoughts, and our feelings. Just some examples of the workshops we offer at New Life include: Compassionate Sharing, Relapse Prevention Training, Letting Go of Resentments, Emotional Awareness, Mindful Communication, Creative Living, Non-Violent Communication, and more.

These workshops provide the bases for a number of important tools and skills that we can use to enrich our lives, such as:

  • Listening mindfully and without judgment
  • Open, honest, and effective communication and interaction
  • Recognising triggering situations and different types of stimuli
  • Investigating the power of ongoing resentment
  • Addressing painful emotions like anger, fear, or shame
  • Understanding the impact of our conditioned thoughts and perceptions
  • Learning how to cultivate awareness through creative self-expression


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